guitar + voice

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Complete LP "Neuanstrich"

incl. two unreleased songs, booklet, etc. [.zip file, 72MB (!)]


Christian, Knut, Brigitte, Susanne und Horst [6,2MB]

[recorded, mixed and mastered in March 2008 in tonmeisterei, unreleased by now, find the lyrics here]

La Valla [4,7MB] feat. Laura

Flächendeckend mpeg


[recorded, mixed and mastered august 2006 in the tonmeisterei]

tapetenwechsel [2,94 MB mp3]

weil neurosen längst wirklichkeit sind [4,48 MB mp3]

[1+2 recorded and mixed in 06/2003 in the moskito-studio, mastering at studio nord]

ich weiß es selbst [2,32 MB mp3]

und täglich grüßt das murmeltier [1,73 MB mp3]

dummer mund [1,93 MB mp3]

[3-5 recorded and mixed with Jacke in 12/1999]

käse reiben [1,89 MB mp3]

ibb ibb hurra
[3,08 MB mp3]

vida y color
[2,04 MB mp3]

[4-6 recorded and mixed in 9/2001 in the moskito-studios]

you find the translated lyrics here.

guitar and voice during 8 years until march 05