Background Info about the RiotRex non profit compilation (own translations of texts stolen from [11/ 2005]):

In the territorial court of Naumburg momentarily an appeal process against the antifascist Daniel W. is taking place. He is accused of having committed various attempts of putting fire on the LKA (Institution of the territorial police) and on a vehicle of the federal police among others.
The federal public prosecutor´s office already failed in the year 2003 with their construction of a "terroristic association" by §129 a. The territorial court of Naumburg had to acquit Carsten S. who had been accused together with Carsten S. Another defendant had been condemned to two and a half years not placed on probation. Nevertheless, both of them a imprisoned now in so-called "bending arrest" because they refuse from giving evidence in the trial against Daniel W. In total, 14 friends and relatives of Daniel had been threatened by "bending arrest" if they take use of their right to refuse a statement in court.
The investigations ran by the federal police already had nothing to do with the norms of the constitution. For example, one antifascist was put under pressure to make a statement by officers who told him that they would present him in handcuffs to his sick grandfather telling him about his grandson´s homosexuality.
The reproach of membership in a terroristic group (§129 a) is not an istrument of law enforcement in the first place, but it serves to investigate and rattle the political left. The clear majority (99,5%) of all investigations by §129 a went against the left wing. Only 2,8% ended with a condemnation. But the system of special authorizations of §129 a offers a great variety of instruments of observation and surveillance to the authorities. These possibilities are also the main reason for the accusation in this case. They imply the possibility for the state to get a deep insight into the political left of Magdeburg and beyond. Further, the concrete aproval of a commited crime y no longer necessary to condemn somebody: The membership in a group categorized as a "terroristic association" alone is sufficient for a condemnation.
The enormous investigation, surveillance and observation in this process is not only going against the three accused antifascists, but is going against a political spectrum, against people with a left ideology. That means that this process is an attack against the political left which might repeat at any time.

Who likes to write to the two prisoners- here is their adress:
Marco Heinrichs bzw. Carsten Schulze
JVA Halle I
Am Kirchtor 20
06108 Halle (Saale)

Letters are very important in jail, because they can help to break the grey everyday- life there.
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