Some information on the fascist movement in germany with a focus on the region of Bremen
(northwestern germany)

Yet since the 60s there is a militant neofascist movement existing here.Within the past 10 years these structures obviously got stronger and gained influence. In some regions "being right- wing" is so hip that all those youth- cultures or people who don´t fit in the ideology of the nazis are being pushed brutally aside. This could happen in form of of insults in the local disco and/ or the daily terror in school or even whole villages/ city districts. In the city of Bremen as well as in the villages nearby, neofascists enter more and more public space.

NPD/ JN- a fascist party
After the prohibitions of several nazi- organisations in the beginning of the 90s, the "National- Democratic Party of Germany" (NPD) gained a lot of new members. Together with her youth- organization "Young National- Democratics" (JN) today it is one of the most important fascist organizations in germany. As the legal arm of the whole neofascist scene one can find every type of today´s german nazi- activists: the old nazi as well as the young nazi- bonehead. So the NPD of today no more only is a parlamentarian oraganization- above all it serves as platform for their "struggle of the streets". The party organized and supported various nazi- marches in the past. In the district of Bremen the NPD has about 60 members, is taking part in the elections and is organizing info- tables. After their intent to march on the 1st of May 1999 (about 4000 antifascists occupied the streets in spite of a prohibition of their demonstration), they organized several marches in villages nearby: in May 99, in January 2000 and in March 2001. They already anounced another march for the 26th of May 2001.

"Free Comradeships"
The other form of organization of fascist activists is a network of small groups which are spread all over the state. In northern- germany these groups joined together and formed the "National and Social Alliance of Action". The "National Resistance Bremen" defines their main activity in establishing and enforcing structures especially in those regions where there is only few left- wing subculture existing. That is why lots of fascists are concentrating on the more rural parts of the district. In the small villages they don´t need to fear resistance and are able to mobilize young nazis and distribute their propaganda relatively undisturbed.

These two forms of organization- legal party and "free comrades"- are working together in a more or less intensive way- this depends on the local circumstances. Their nation- wide potential becomes obvious in mass- marches when up to 5000 fascists come together.
In the city of Bremen and the rest of the district there are about 8 "free comradeships" existing now, which are often collaborating directly with the NPD.
The nazis are not only putting up posters or joining marches- between January and September 2000 there were more than 10 attacks against left- wing institutions or activists´ cars took place.
As well there are attacks on refugees or left-wing activists or disturbances of antifascist acts are taking place again and again. When the police found dynamite in the house of one member of the "free comradeship Bremen- North" in October 2000, this made clear how militant the local scene really is.

White Noise
Another field of neofascist activities is the distribution of their ideology by music. The most important international NaziSkin- structures in this context are "Blood &Honour" and "Hammerskins" which are publishing and distributing nazi- rock and are using the internet and fanzines for their aims. But it is not only about propaganda by lyrics: another important aspect of nazi- concerts is the experience of comradeship which makes this an ideal field for recruting the youth. The millions of euros gained by selling the nazi- sound flows back into the political work of other organizations.
In the region of Bremen there is a broad nazi- skin scene. "Hanse Records" is an example for a distribution and label for fascist music. Then there are famous bands as "Endstufe" or "Boots Brothers" and magazines such as "Heimatfront" or "Der Skinhead". In November 99 a concert took place where 400 fascists came together, about one year later there were already 600 boneheads joining another concert in a small town near Bremen.

Can you kick it? Yes, you can!

Kick It! as a antiracist and antifascist initiative wants to take steps against the fascist activities. First of all we want to inform about their strategies and organizations by several events.
Because the experience of the past years it became obvious: Everywhere where there is no resistance against the fascist mob, it conquers more and more public space. (This leads to so- called "liberated national zones", where the nazis gained hegemony and migrants risk their lifes when leaving their homes). But where people unite to act in an offensive way against racist and fascist activities, they can be stopped from distributing their deadly ideology.
It can not and should not be the job of only one group or one local scene. We need to offer social and cultural alternatives and networks. That is why Kick It! is trying to establish contacts between several antifascist and antiracist groups and persons. We are concentrating on the district of Bremen, but Kick It! is able and willing to be only a part of the whole. There is a lot to do everywhere....

Between the 24th of April and the 28th of May 01 we are goig to do several information events in the rural region around Bremen, in towns such as Farge, Osterholz- Scharmbek, Delmenhorst, Verden, Aumund, Brinkum or Stuhr.
If You want to know the exact locations and dates- get in contact with us:

Kick It!
St. Pauli- Str. 10- 12
28203 Bremen
e-mail: or leave a message on our answer machine, we´ll call back: ++49- (0)421 794 796 82

[source: kick it! flyer]

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